Monday, 7 November 2011


Last week we went to camp at Aoraki Mount Cook. We went for these reasons:

1. To have fun together.
2. To learn about the history of an area that is close to where we live.
3. To learn about being away together in a co-operative team.

We stayed at Unwin Lodge for 2 nights. Unwin is the hut that belongs to the New Zealand Alpine Club. It was a great place to stay.

Here are some of the things we did:

1. We were history detectives on the way there, looking for places where the old Mount Cook road was

2. We visited the Department of Conservation Visitor Centre. Ann gave us a great talk about the history. She was impressed with what we knew.
3. We walked through Govenor's Bush in the dark - we had to take our torches and headlamps. It was scary and everyone was shaking like a leaf.
4. We visited the site of the first Hermitage and the Alpine Memorial, and the rock where Freda du Faur had her photo taken after climbing Aoraki Mount Cook.
5. We played the Billy Goats Gruff game under a wooden bridge. Steve and Les were the scariest trolls. They are Dads.
6. We walked up to the Red Tarns. Most of the girls think there were about a million steps but there wasn't that many!
7. We went the Hermitage for a hotel tour and movies and the musuem.
8. We visited an old farm called Black Birch Station. We found the grave of one of the farmers.
9. We had delicious food - yum yum even ice blocks and ice cream and sausages.
10. We went to the Tasman Glacier, to the lake and a lookout.
11. We had lunch with the super cool kids at Aoraki Mount Cook School and a fast and furious rugby game.
12. We pretended that Corbyn fell off a mountain and learned how to rescue him. Thanks Coral for teaching us about the rescues.


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