Tuesday, 6 November 2012


We have been weaving on a loom. Kyle and Ryan's Nana taught us how to do it. Room 5 did one too. Room 4's weaving turned out very big. We also studied photos of weaving on the Internet. We learned that there are many kinds of weaving and that weaving is done in many parts of the world. Shanelle showed us some woven bags from Papua New Guinea.

Reporters: Mrs Nelson and Lewis


Shanelle's Woven Bags
Room 5 students having a turn on the loom
We are finished our wall hanging.

Sharing at assembly


  1. We did get to use different types of fabrics. There were light colours and dark colours and plain old white. I liked the light colours best

  2. hello its ryan allan you guys must have good weaving skills, i love weaving with flax