Monday, 18 February 2013

The 2013 Learning Team Hard at Work

Here are some images of the Room 4 Learning Team hard at work in the first weeks of school. We are becoming a great team of learners.

Sharing holiday stories - participating and contributing

Maths test - everyone is working hard

Talking about how to set our our books - feeling hot and tired!

Doing our best reading work

Painting N.Z. Mistletoe - sharing and co-operating

Concentrating and letting others concentrate too

Learning Te Reo Maori - bookwork to be proud of

Thinking and taking pride in good work

Making Chinese Dragons for Chinese New Year

Problem solving together

Independent reading follow-up work about meerkats. Working hard.

Buddy reading in the quiet hallway. Helping each other learn.

Reading to the class - clear and confident. A favourite book of many N.Z. children.

Thinking about ourselves - what we do when we are happy, sad, angry and  scared. 

Hard at work in our book corner.