Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wanaka Toy and Transport Museum Trip

Wanaka Toy and Transport Museum Trip

Room 4 went for a trip to the Wanaka Toy and Transport Museum on Monday the 13th of May. We went there because we were studying transport and we thought visiting the museum would help us with our learning and be a fun day out.

First Debbie welcomed us and told us the rules of the museum. Then we looked around all the exhibits in small groups.

Some of the things we saw in the toys area were a Lego guitar man, glow in the dark Lego, Barbie dolls, a truck and trailer with a digger, some action figures and model cars.

When we went inside the hangers we saw many different kinds of vehicles. Some were fire engines, army trucks, aeroplanes, old cars, carriages, rockets, helicopters and boats.

After we had looked around at everything we played on the pedal cars, machine guns, bikes and swings.

We had lunch in an outside picnic area in the sun and then played again.

In the afternoon we sketched some vehicles and toys.

We left the museum at about 2pm and drove back to Twizel.

The students in Room 4 saw some amazing vehicles and toys. They especially enjoyed the tanks and army cars, the pedal cars, the Lego guitar man and the fire engines. Room 4 think it is interesting that one man collected a lot of things in 50 years. They had an amazing day at the Toy and Transport Museum.

Here is a list of everyone’s favourite thing:

Billy – the Lego guitar man
Jessica – the Lego guitar man
Luca – the army tanks
Willow – fire engines
Joy – the old fashioned cars
Georgia – the Barbie dolls
Caylen – the glow in the dark Lego
Lily – the Lego guitar man
Sam – the old fashioned trucks
Holly – the carriages
Tessa – the fire engines
Jenna – the pedal cars
Josh – the old fashioned trucks
Joseph – the mini bikes
Mason – the motor cycles
Blake – the aeroplanes
Francis – the Star Wars toys
Brandon – the army tanks
Nathan – the army vehicles
William – the steam roller


  1. I'm a London soldier.

  2. Maria McDonald29 May 2013 at 20:28

    Good to see all the kids having so much fun. We will have to go there as a family ourselves when we can.

  3. I wonder how they collected all that stuff in 50 years

  4. After we saw all the awesome vehicles we did some sketching

  5. The bikes were hanging from the roof

  6. We got to go in some things but not everything

  7. I liked going to wanka toy and trasport by Jessica

  8. "I like the videos."

  9. My favourite part was when we got to sketch. I think my best thing i drew was the lego guitar man.

  10. Some things were tall some things were small. Some things were long some things were skinny

  11. We got to go in the cable cars but it was a bit hard to pedal

  12. The lego guitar man played music