Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sir Peter Blake

We have been learning about Sir Peter Blake because next week our school is going to celebrate Red Socks Day.

We watched this movie.


These are our comments about Sir Peter Blake.


When he was a child he learnt to sail and he had his first race when he was seven - Sam
He lived in Auckland - William
He was a famous sailor and he finally won his first race in 1995 - James
He never gave up when he was doing a race – Lily
He was a famous sailor all over the world – Blake
He had a yacht when he was young – Jenna
I like your red socks – Francis
He had four trophies for New Zealand and New Zealanders are proud of him – Willow
There were pirates who killed him – Georgia
He loved conservation – Mason
Red socks remind us of Sir Peter Blake because they kept winning when they were wearing them – Brandon
New Zealanders were sad when he died – Jenna
He won lots of yachting races – Joy
He helped save the environment – Billy
When he was on his yacht he kept saying “Wear your red socks.” – Jessica
He won the Americas Cup trophy – Nathan
He went around the world and he won – Caylen
He made New Zealanders dream about his life – Holly
He was one of the fastest yacht racers in the world – Joseph
It is amazing how many people wear red socks – Tessa
He always wore his red socks on race days – Luca
He was shot on his yacht when he was going to the Amazon River – William
He cared about the sea and the whole world – Joy
He cared about New Zealanders and after he died New Zealanders carried on with what he was doing and keep New Zealand clean – Willow
He cared about the Amazon Rainforest – Mason
He cared about sea creatures – Jenna
Lots of people support Red Socks Day – Caylen
He wanted to save the animals – Holly
His friends carried on caring about the environment – Jessica
He was a great leader – Mrs Nelson
He made his dream come true – Mrs Nelson
He was married to Pippa and he had two children who are grown up now – Mrs Nelson
The Sir Peter Blake Trust is an organisation that carries on with Peter’s dream of being a good leader and caring about our planet – Mrs Nelson


  1. Red socks make us remember sir Peter Blake

  2. Pirates killed sir Peter Blake and it was very sad