Wednesday, 7 May 2014

100 Years Ago

What was the world like 100 years ago before WW1 started?

Our ideas 7/05/14

·       Sad, because of the war starting
·       Titanic had sunk one year before the war started
·       Ships were used for travelling around the world
·       Lots of people were poor
·       The world was better because the ground and plants hadn’t been demolished
·       Planes had been invented.
·       Cars had really thin wheels
·       Work was a lot harder, for example getting food for your family
·       There were more living native things like birds.
·       Maybe only rich people had pets like cats and dogs (Joy)
·       Earth looked mostly the same, except cities were smaller and there were more forests.

·       There were no computers or other modern technology. There were typewriters.

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