Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Place Stories

Here are some of the stories we wrote about places. We hope you enjoy reading them. To get ideas for our stories, we studied photos in a wonderful book called 'The Natural World' by Thomas Mangelsen. The book is full of amazing photos of many beautiful places in the world.

The Bear’s Plan

A Bear is coming over to the moanas edge to look for his kai. His kai is ika.
The bear has been fighting a warthog all morning so he deserves lots of kai. However a massive boulder stands ahead of him. He has got to think up a plan. The plan is for how he will get up on to the boulder to get his kai.
He will have to swim because the boulder is one kilometre ahead of him.

By Tom 

Massive Rock

There is a massive rock with trees in the back, on top of the rock, there is two lion’s lying down. The sky is blue and the clouds are white like candy floss in the sky.
 The lions lie on the rock for a nap because they have been hunting for the most of the day. They sleep on the rock for the night and in the night the male lion goes and hunts for food.
The male lion attacks its prey and it eats it all up.

By Taine

Africa Story

It is a bright day in Africa where the cheetahs live.  The rocks are shiny and the grass is fresh.
It is amazing and it is sunny. When you look at it you will think the same.
I love it. You can see wonderful cheetahs. The sky is fantastic. You can see a little bit of clouds but suddenly the cheetahs had a war. Three of them stayed at home to guard the house in Africa.
The queen of the cheetahs and the queen of lions had a war. It was not good. What would happen next? Then the sky hung low. It disappeared.
Next there was a storm. The sky looked awful. The place is damaged. Both of the queens gathered the lions and the cheetahs.

By Stormy-Lee

The huge rock in the middle of the sea floats while a bear walks around the emerald water in search of fish to eat for its lunch.
 Finally a school of fish swam to the edge of the water, but the bear was so hungry he couldn’t wait so he swam as fast as he could without looking at where he was going, and suddenly he hit his head on the rock and he fell slowly down into the sea.
The next day the bears were all very hungry and the bears family was very worried because the bear hadn’t come home yet, but they didn’t worry about him so they went out swimming and got some fish and they ate a yummy breakfast and they were so tired they just went to sleep and forgot about the bear.

By Shanelle

The Snowy Land in Alaska

The snowy mountains in Alaska make me feel cold. It looks like it is icing sugar just poured over the mountains and the flaky trees.
Some bald eagles sit on a high branch in a cottonwood tree minding their own business.
It looks like it is evening in Alaska where the bald eagles stay.
Snow covers the whole land. The snow looks so deep and so cold that it will go right up to your knee and the snow might make your legs freeze.
There is a big fluffy cloud behind the snowy mountains. It looks like a big blob of snow in the air.
Soon the sun will go down and then the predators will start guarding the night.
The bald eagles will fly away and find somewhere else to sleep, maybe up on a high branch in a cottonwood tree in a different place. Or they’ll just stay.
Then in the morning the bald eagles will go out to find something to eat. I don‘t know what they will find to eat. But they might find something yummy.
 Do you think you know what they will find to eat?

By Sarah 

The Alaska Peninsula

It is a cool day. Hungry bears are looking for delicious salmon in the sheer cold water.  Bears are ripping fish to bits. All that’s left is skin and bone.
Passing by boats steal fish from the bears.
Birds dive into the water to catch fish and then go back to their nests.

By Samuel 

Lazy lion

Two lions are sitting on top of a massive rock making sure no predators are coming to take their favourite food. They are relaxing in the boiling sun shine.
The trees are standing up tall. The clouds are looking like an explosion in the blue sky.
Very tiny bits like a sand fly are falling off the giant rock onto the green grass. 

By Lewis 


 Alaska Peninsula

It’s a nice and peaceful day on the Alaska Peninsula.
The grizzly bear is hunting for prey hiding behind the humongous rock hoping that the bear can’t see them.
The grizzly bear goes back into the tall hill and sleeps.
He comes back later to find that all of his prey are playing and eating all the luscious green grass. But now he can’t see a thing through the bright sparkles shining off the edge of the lakes tip.

By Kian


Next term we'll be studying ANZAC Day and then Endangered Species around the World. 

Keep checking our blog to find out what we have been learning.

Ka kite ano - see you soon.

From the Room 4 Learning Team
Twizel Area School


  1. WOW! you all wrote wonderful stories. I like how kain said the grass is luscious and green.

  2. I love studies about War because one of my hobbies is finding out history.

  3. I liked doing the typing on these stories. there was five pictures. I did one with two eagles in a tree.

  4. I think the stories are awesome. They have heaps of interesting parts in them.

  5. The story's are great.