Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Poppy Paintings

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day. We have been talking about ANZAC Day and the wars and the importance of peace. We started the term by painting poppies, one of the ANZAC symbols. We are also learning the poem In Flanders Fields.

In these photos we are planning with chalk, and painting. We got our inspiration from the many beautiful images of poppies that we found on-line.

In some of the photos we are moving around the room and talking to each other about our art.

We have displayed the paintings in the foyer to our school and to our community library. If you live in Twizel, please come and see them. We are proud of our art-work.

Homework this week is to talk about ANZAC Day and the meaning of it with our adults, and also to do another piece of poppy art. Some are already done and are on display with our class paintings.

We will continue with our study of ANZAC Day for the next couple of weeks. One of the things we talked about today was how special it is to live in New Zealand, a country at peace, and in the beautiful Mackenzie basin.

Lots of us are going to the ANZAC Service tomorrow morning. We will be thinking about the ANZAC Service in Gallipoli too. We learned about that special event today. We love how the Internet can bring the world in history, and the world today, into our classroom.

P.S. Welcome to Room 4 Mackenzie and Lachie. We hope you enjoy your time in the Room 4 Learning Team.


  1. I like the poppies. They look great on display.

  2. The Poppies that we wear are just emblems. we did them not like the emblems

  3. I really like all the paintings I especially liked Ryan's, Jaimee's, Sarah's, India's and Iains.

  4. I liked painting the poppies the most. I really liked shanelle's.

  5. I really enjoyed the poppy art this term. I really liked the idea for the poppy art homework I liked Ellens,Josh's and Lewis's.

  6. Ya other Mum/Gideon2 May 2012 at 19:38

    The poppy painting are very detailed

  7. really beautiful poppy paintings ;)

  8. Adrienne Grant - Tom's Mum3 May 2012 at 17:00

    Wow - these are really beautiful. I enjoyed looking at your paintings in the school entrance. You all put in a lot of effort creating these. Congratulations - they look amazing.

  9. What a fantastic dispay of poppies. You have all worked very hard to create such outstanding paintings.
    Mrs Frost

    Well done Mackenzie, I love how your poppies feel like they are moving in the breeze. I loved the subtle addition of the yellow colour too.
    Mackenzie,s mum.

  10. Diane Aronsen3 May 2012 at 20:38

    The poppy paintings are very good.

  11. Everyones paintings looke amazing!