Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Day It Snowed

Today we woke up to snow. This is what we wrote about the snow in just a few minutes. What fun!

Snow . Snow. I like snow because you can play in the snow. It can cover trees so it can turn into ice. I eat ice off the slide and I can make an igloo in my back yard. – Taine.

Tawhirimatea knows it’s winter and her knows what happens, so he dumps some snow all across New Zealand. – Tom

I woke up and race to the window. Snow. It was everywhere. – Lachie.

It’s like a blanket that covers our world. It is cold. It sticks and stays. – Samuel.

I woke up one morning and what do I see?
A whole world of white.
You wouldn’t imagine the things I could see.
I thought ‘This is very precious to me.’
I hear the children laughing and the snowballs smashing.
Snowflakes are falling.
Winter has come.
It must be time for some winter fun.
-          Ellen

The snows covers the school like a woollen blanket except it is freezing cold like Antarctica. – Kian.

The snow is as white as sheep’s wool. People like to have snowfights. – Bailey.

A little snowflakes pitters down and lands on my nose. – Iain.

Soft, puffy white stuff fills the ground.
Now there is no nice swaying green stuff.
-          Jaimee

The snow came in the dark of night.
It came from a black sky
And it painted our world white.

I woke to silence and cold
And pine trees transformed
Into white ballerinas.

Winter is here.

-          Mrs Nelson

Snow, snow, can you tell me how you grow?
Yesterday you were absent.
Now you are present.
Why do you come in the darkness?
Why don’t you come when it is boiling hot?
Why do you come when it is freezing cold?
You put a coat on our world.
-          Jilun

The fluffy white snow covers the ground. In the morning snowballs are up and flying. People are rolling snowballs around town. – Lewis.

Midnight. Still awake waiting for the snow. I finally fall asleep dreaming of snow, making a snowman with my friends.
Then I wake up in the morning. I look out the window and guess what I see? Snowballs. Big snowballs. Small snowballs. I see children throwing them about and I decide I want to join in too. – Sarah

Snow Poem
The freezing cold snow lands on my dog’s nose.
The door flings open, the cold breeze in my hair.
My Dad’s getting firewood because it’s very cold.
The dogs bowl is frozen water.
I smash the ice in it.
-          Mackenzie

When I walk I hear crunching.
The snow crashes.
It goes smash, crunch, crunch.
Snow is fun and cool.
I like playing in it with my friends.
When we play snowball fights
We all get smashed in the face.
I love making snowmen and huts.
My friend Zak smashes me in the face with a snowball
And I say “Zak!”
-          Joseph

Snow is fun and cool. I like playing in it. You can throw snowballs and have a snowball fight.
My favourite is making one giant snowball and making an igloo with my friend Joseph.  Then me and Joseph smash it at the end and we all laugh. – Zak

This morning I woke up and looked out the window. Snow! It looks like one million sheep squashed together. I ask Mum if I can go outside. I hear children laughing. Ouch – you hit me! – India

When I get up there is snow outside. I have my breakfast and go and go and make a big snowball. My hands are cold and red from holding onto the snow. After I fell over I was covered with snow. – Kyle

Snow is falling down from above. I can hear the squish squash from beneath my feet. I can see forts and snowmen being built around me, and people having fun. I am helping my friends to build a fort. It’s not going to be big but it is going to be a little bit big and high. – Laelani.

Today is snowed in Twizel. It hasn’t snowed this winter but today it did. I had fun with my friends. Snow is all over Twizel. I am making a fort with my friends. – Ryan.

Snowflakes are gently falling onto the ground. Some go fast, some go slow. In the morning the children wake up and say “Yeah the snow is here. Tawhirimatea has been kind.”
In seconds the snow is covered in footprints when the icy bell rings and everyone goes out to play.
-          Christine.

I can see beautiful snow falling on the wet green grass. – A.J.

Today when I woke up my brother rushed in and said “Snow! Snow!”
I zoomed out of bed and got my snow-gear on and out the door I went. I made a fort. As soon as John and I had finished the fort – Smack! Snowballs were flying everywhere. – Caleb

I wake up in the morning. I look outside and all I can see is ma, ma, ma (white, white, white).
It went on for miles and miles. It is soft and squishy. It is like a blanket but it is not warm. – Jacob

In the morning my Mum came out with my sister Alex and she was so amazed. It was her first time to see snow. She is only one year old. – Shanelle

 Don't you look gorgeous Room 4!


  1. I thought it wa sreally cool that it snowed. They are all very nice. I love the picture although most ofn you blinked.

  2. I read Tye some of the stories.

  3. some people had some good ideas

  4. I hope it snows again.

  5. Sarah Thompson7 June 2012 at 11:06

    Enjoyed reading your thoughts about the snow day - great job Room 4! Sounds like you had lots of fun :)

  6. We've got more to go!

  7. We got heaps of snow too and we got the day of school and my dad got a day off work

  8. The story's look awesome.