Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Scotland Study


This week is the last week of one of our class members, Joseph, as he is moving to Scotland. Everyone is preparing a small talk or piece of work about Scotland for homework, for example Kian made a wonderful power-point, Kyle researched the names and populations of Scottish cities, and Shanelle made a small Scottish flag.

Laelani bought her Dad in for her homework - that's because he is Scottish!
Malcolm taught us lots about Scotland, even some Scottish words, and he wore his kilt too.

Here he is with Laelani, and with Joseph.
Thanks for your time and energy Malcolm. We loved having you visit.

Laelani and her Scottish Dad

A boy who will be a Scotsman, and a Scotsman


  1. Sharon Ryan`s mum26 June 2012 at 19:36

    I hope you have a great time in scotland and don`t lose your half kiwi accent.
    I remember when you were a baby. You were so so cute.!
    Maybe one day you could skype us.
    Love sharon,Tony

  2. joseph you have been a good friend we will miss you badly if you are coming up to christchurch airport you could come and see us bye

  3. I am bring my Clan coat of arms in tomorrow and my dad's Grant tarton tie

  4. Hi Sharon and Tony and Ryan,
    Thanks for your comments. Today is Joseph's last day. We have been having a Scotland week and today we are having a games day with castle and pretend battles.
    Joseph says "We probably might be able to see you because we leave a day before the flight. Thanks for being a good friend Ryan and I will skype you soon."
    Have a good holiday.

  5. thank you for the comment

  6. i think that joseph will have a great time with all his new friends. i think that joseph will come back to twizel to vist all his old friends. i tink that joseph will never forget his old friends.