Monday, 19 March 2012

We hope our writing puts a picture in your mind.

Tessa The Sleepy Cat

Tessa likes to sleep in my room on my bed. It is annoying. I get angry at Tessa. Tessa hates it when I get angry at her. I get angry at her because she chews my blanket. It is my favourite blanket.
Tessa is grey with a bit of black. Her eyes are green. She is grey and has a bit of black on her back and face. She is mostly grey. She has long whiskers. Her noise is small and pink.
Tessa well never chase a ball or play with my other cat Dusty.
I love her no matter what. She is my favourite cat.
Tessa loves to drink milk. When mum gets the milk out of the fridge she mieows for milk. She is cute.

By Laelani 

My Pet Cat

Gin my cat is sometimes naughty. Gin is naughty because she claws your neck and bites. She jumps to scratch you.

At night Gin goes out to chase birds or rabbits, and in the morning a bird or a rabbit is on the floor.

Every day our cats fight and they run around the house and nearly trip us up.

At night when I am trying to sleep Gin comes on to my bed and she stands on my neck and puts her head in my face. It hurts.

Gin has brown eyes, black and white fur, and a white tummy too.

Her birthday is on the first of October. She is 2 years old but she is 3 this year.

By Bailey 

The Smiley Dog

Chevy is a smiley dog. When he smiles it looks like he is growling. He smiles lots. When we arrive he comes straight to the garage to see us. When we get out of the car he jumps up at us a crazy way and smiles.
Chevy loves to go to work with my Dad. He loves to go so he can chase rabbits. He roams around free like a wild animal. He smells like a wet dog that he is. We have to wash him lots and whenever we go to the lake Dad throws him in or he throws a stick in the water so he goes to get it.
Chevy is black, white and brown. He has a black back and head, and white and brown legs.
Chevy would never jump up at the fish tank.
He loves to play with Dad and mouth the bottom of your pants when he is excited.

By Jaimee  

Kim My Dog

Kim is a funny dog when she jumps up like a human.
When the cat is not looking she likes to sneak up and fight until Molly runs away.
Kim is very adventurous. She likes sniffing the place when we go for walks. She sometimes runs after rabbits.
She would love a tennis ball. She has her own flat soccer ball as well. She sometimes drops the ball on Molly. Sometimes she eats all the cat biscuits. Once she found a banana skin on the ground. She looks at me with her circle brown eyes wagging her tail.
Kim would run as far as she could but she’s not allowed to. We always give her a pat before we go to school. She is a border terrier.

By Kyle age8

My Best Animal Friend Joey  

Joey is a smart dog - the smartest Jack Russel I know.
If Joey wants to get an apple from up high he will make a plan to get it down. He grabs some stuff and makes a high platform. Then he jumps up and takes a bite out of it with his jaw. After that he starts ripping and tearing it apart. When he is finished he walks away. It gets all mouldy. It’s pretty disgusting.
Sometimes Joey hides somewhere in the house and we think he’s outside. Then he quickly jumps out of his hiding spot and jumps onto the chair, then he jumps onto the table and takes one big chunk out of a cake. There’s just one thing that Joey would never do – that is he would never rip and tear up a couch like most guard dogs do.
Joey is a naughty dog - the naughtiest dog in town. He pulls a lot of pranks. Some pranks are funny and some pranks hurt. The funniest prank ever is when he farted in my room and when I came out I smelt horrible.
I am sad because Joey died but he will always be in my heart.

By Zak

My Awesome Dog Roxy

Roxy is a playful dog. What she does that is so playful is jump all over me.  When I wake up she’s always on my bed and she jumps on me and licks me. Then I push her off me and she bites me. Even when I’m on the sofa she licks me. That’s annoying!
Every time we go on a walk Roxy goes crazy man. When we come home Roxy gets a special treat and guess what the treat is - it is cat biscuits. Every time my cat Tockso see’s Roxy eating his cat biscuits Tockso will steal them or claw or bite Roxy’s face off.
Roxy will never play with Tockso or Shadow my other cat because Tockso does not like Roxy and Roxy does not like Tockso and because Tockso will just claw her face off and Roxy will bite Tockso.
When Roxy is sad she looks at me with her brown eyes. She will just jump on me and she will go to sleep on me for hours when I’m in my bed. When it’s bed time mum calls Roxy to go on the mat and go to sleep but Roxy does not listen. Instead she sleeps in my bed and when I wake up there’s black, white, and brown dog fur on my bed.
Every time someone comes down the drive way Roxy barks. Sometimes when she barks she gets sent to the laundry and sometimes she doesn’t, and when the person comes in Roxy jumps all over them and I say no and then I say  “Roxy down” and she goes to the laundry and in a while when the person leave I let Roxy out of the laundry.
At night Roxy sneaks in the cupboard and sneaks cat biscuits for a midnight snack and I catch her in the cupboard and so does Tockso and Tockso tries to sneaks some and I say “Go away Tockso.”In the morning it another day with Roxy Dan dada!!!                  

By Joseph


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    I really like your stories. You have great ideas for a story like this. Great job!

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    Hey Kyle, great writing. Keep it up and I look foward to reading more of you stories!

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