Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Knowing Our World


We are part way through a big study about Earth. We have been doing a lot of work together and soon we will start an inquiry into Wonders of the World.

Today we have sat down with partners to share the work in our books.  We talked about the things we have learned. Here are some photos of the sharing time.

Here are some of the things we have learned:

* The names of all the continents - Joseph
* How the world might have been a long time ago (Gondwanaland) - Samuel
* The names of some of the big mountains, for example the Andes in South America -Shanelle
* I thought there would be less deserts in the world than there are. I learned there are more by studying maps - Jilun
* I learned all the ocean names - Sarah
* I got a bit confused when we did a jigsaw of the continents joined together but I liked doing it - Zak
* I learned where the great lakes are in North America and I learned their names. The names are Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior - Jaimee
* I learned about mountains in the oceans. I didn't know there was mountains in the oceans - A.J.
* I learned about the volcanoes and the fault-lines in the Earth - Ryan A.
* I learned the world names from the old days - Eurasia and Gondwanaland - Iain
* I learned about the longitude and latitude - Kian
* I learned that Europe has over 5 million people - Lewis
* I learned that there are trenches in the ocean - India
* I learned the names of the some of the biggest cities in the world. Some are Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City, Mumbai and New York City - Josh
* I learned some of the places where hardly any people live. Some of them are Greenland, Antarctica, the polar deserts, the Sahara Desert and the middle of Australia - Bailey
* I learned the names of the winds, for example the Roaring Forties and the South East Trade Winds - Jacob
* I learned about the vegetation in the world. I was surprised that the map showed nearly of New Zealand was temperate forest - Ellen
* I learned that the oceans have lots of valleys called trenches - Stormy-Lee
* I learned what the longest river in the world is. It is the Nile River in Egypt - Laelani
* I learned that Madagascar has some mountains - Tom
* I learned that the Himalayas is the biggest group of mountains - Kyle
* I learned the names of places that have lots of rainfall. Some are South America in the Amazon Rainforest, the West Coast of the South Island of N.Z., the Cook Islands, parts of Africa and the bottom of Asia - Ryan N.
* I learned about the points on a compass - Taine
* I learned about keys on maps - Amy
* I learned that there are lots of mountains in the seas - Jack

We are feeling clever!

Watch this space for more news about our world study, especially about our Inquiries into the Wonder of the World.


  1. Hi Room4 I really enjoyed the study. I liked the ideas everyone had.

  2. Hi Room 4 at Twizel Area School
    You have been learning a lot about the world. I am very impressed.
    From Sandy - Kyle and Ryan's Mum

  3. We had to do a topic on the world. Today we typed down some things which people had learned. Our first study was about Teamwork.

  4. I liked bike safty it was really cool.

  5. Did you know that the ifill tower is 300 meters tall

  6. I liked that study because that changed my map observing so that I don't really look for citys and towns I should look for natural stuff