Friday, 18 May 2012

Room 9's Visit

This afternoon Room 9 came to talk to us about our timing devices because they had seen them at assembly and their teacher Mrs LM had a question.

Her question was: How was time kept in the old days before clocks and watches were invented?
Room 4 people are going to be thinking about Mrs LM's question over the weekend while they are busy playing rugby and netball and doing lots of other fun things. If you have any ideas please tell us by adding a comment.

After we talked about time, Room 9 students who are mostly 6 year olds had a look around our room and at our some of our book work.

Here are some photos of that lovely sharing time.


  1. some room 9 kids had some good questions.

  2. I like showing other classes my work.

  3. Taine you,ve got lots of people looking


  4. caleb and daniel23 May 2012 at 17:26

    I can see Caleb in there.

  5. What a great plan, to share your learning with another class. Mackenzie, it looks like your were sharing some great gems of knowledge about time! Mackenzie learnt about telling time by the sun when we were in Peru.

  6. I liked talking to some room 9 students.

  7. I think Room 9 really liked coming in. I really enjoyed showing them our work. I feel proud.