Thursday, 17 May 2012

We Made Clocks

We have been studying time. For homework people have been making all kinds of timing devices. Here are photos of some of them. We think this is maths and science! Thanks to parents for your help with this task and for everything else you do to support your child's learning.

Here we go ready to share the timing devices that students bought to school today. We will have more tomorrow!

Kian - My timing device was a marble run and it takes about 2 seconds to go down.

Kyle - Mine is a water timing device. 200mls of water takes one minute and fifty seconds to go through the 2.5mm holes.

Laelani - My timing device is about which bottle has the best way of getting water to the other bottle. The clear bottle is fastest.

Mackenzie - For this project I used a fondue stand and a funnel and a piece of a drinking straw. Water takes 12-14 seconds to go through.

Bailey - It takes about 2 minutes for 150mls of water to go to another cup through a little hole.

Tom - My clock is a sand clock but I used salt instead. One way up takes 14 minutes and the other way up takes 13 minutes. My Grandad helped me with the plan and my Dad and I built it.

Christine - My clock is a water clock. I put 200mls of water in it. It took a long time because in the end the water needed pressure to push it. 

A.J. - Me and my Dad made a candle clock. We made two. We cut off the top and we put one to show the time and the other one we put the minutes and hours.

Ryan - Mine is a water timing device. I used 3 different sized holes in bottle caps. My Dad drilled the holes for me.
Each hole lets the water through at a different speed, for example the 500mls of water takes 3 minutes and 10 seconds to go through a 2.5mm hole.

India -- I put 250mls in and it took 51 seconds to go through the hole .

Jaimee - My Grandad helped me make a device where you put a cardboard man on pegs and he is supposed to fall down so you can time him. But it didn't really work.


  1. I like the ideas everyone came up with

  2. Wow! What amazing ideas all the students had for their timing devices. Well done Mackenzie, your idea worked really well. I liked the way you thought out a further development to your plan, when the bowl was too flat to let all the water run out.

  3. penny Zak's mum18 May 2012 at 19:03

    Awesome work room 4 I'm very impressed with your timing devices, you have all worked hard. Keep up the good work:)

  4. I didn't have any more rice to full it to the top of the bottle.

  5. I could have done two timing devices. I liked testing it. It took one minute and 50 seconds for 200mls of water to go through the 2.5mm holes.

  6. It must of mean so hard to write down the minutes and hours.

  7. Sarah Thompson25 May 2012 at 08:24

    What an awesome job you have done on your "time" machines! Great effort! :)

  8. Room 7 thinks that you have been doing very exciting things. These are very interesting experiments.

  9. I like doing the science with because science is one of my favourite subjects.

  10. I really like all of the clocks

  11. I loved looking at the timers.They were all great.

  12. I had fun making my clock.

  13. I really enjoyed looking at the time devices. You all have amazing imaginations.