Friday, 18 May 2012

Super Sentences

Read our Super Sentences! 
Please tell us which ones you like the most.

We used pictures to get ideas for nouns to write about. We tried to include adjectives in our sentences.

Something went wrong with the vacumn cleaner plug because it caught fire. (Tom)
The star is twinkling in the dark space. (Jack)
The slimy frog jumped into my new slack jeans. (Lachie)
The annoying alarm clock goes BUZZ!! every morning. (Zak)
There are a lot of crosses in a memorial. Some have brothers on the memorial too. (Bailey)
The smiling man beats the drum as hard as he can. (Laelani)
The fierce-looking spider is making a web. (Jilun)
The big green frog is jumping into the slimy pond (Ryan)
The shiny yellow star sits in the dull black sky. (Kian)
The stars twinkle beyond the bright moon (Kyle)
The creepy clown gave me a balloon. (Joseph)
The ugly black fly went splat. (Mackenzie)
The ugly frog is bouncing everywhere. (Ellen)
The star is glowing like gold in the sky (A.J.)
The slimy, scaly frog is in the stinky swamp. (Jaimee)
The frog is an amazing animal. (Josh)
The gleaming star shone as bright as ever (Shanelle)
The sparkly star shoots across the sky (Jacob)
Ryan pulled the heavy brown cross quickly. (Caleb)
The clever little frog jumps over the big hedge. (Iain)
The tree is standing in the big green field. (India)
The fly flies over the filthy green sea. (Christine)
I have a circle clock beside my bed and at 6.00 in the morning it wakes me up with its bring bring sound. (Taine)


  1. Some people did some great thinking.

  2. I red some to Tye last night.

  3. I like all of them. They have lots of interesting parts in them.

  4. They are powerful sentences

  5. Those are some super sentences!!

  6. They are amazing sentences. I noticed alot of people did the frog.