Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Diary Writing

After lunch each day Room 4 write in their Learning Diaries. We use the homework diairies that our senior students use for their homework, but we use them for writing about what we have been learning and what we have been doing.
Sometimes we have a 'STAR WORD.' That is a word that has to be used in the diary that day. Today one of the maths groups had Integers for a star word because they have been learning about integers (negative numbers).

If you are reading our blog, please put a comment on, because we are just learning how to do this and we would like some feedback please.


  1. hi room4 you look like very hard wokers.

    from Kaya Skinner

  2. YOU are a hard worker Kaya

  3. It looks like you are all working hard. How exciting that you have your very own BLOG!


  4. Room4 is cool.MrsNelson you are cool

  5. Hi room 4, diary writing is a great way to write about your day. People are really concentrating on writing about what they did that day. I also think that a star word is a great thing to do!