Thursday, 9 June 2011

Paper Mache - Making Food Items for Our School Production

Later this term our school is doing a production of George and the Dragon. Lots of our senior students are working hard learning their lines and actions.
We are making paper mache food for a banquet table for the production. Today we started by putting the first layers of paper on balloons. Some of the food items we are making are: jellies, oranges, grapes, apples, cakes, bananas, watermelon, strawberries, bread, chicken legs, pears and pigs.
We are making wine goblets too.

We are excited about the production!


  1. Room 4, how exciting making paper mache food for the school production. You all look very busy and enthusiastic about your work. I look forward to seeing the banquet on display and here's hoping the dragon likes your food.

  2. Thanks for your comment Mrs Andrew. We are scared that the dragon might eat people!
    From Room 4

  3. Hi room 4, great to see you having a great time making paper mache. To bad I wasn't here to make it with you, it would have been awesome! Keep up the good work. From Maddy

  4. Hi Room4 great to see you paper maching. Its a great time to have a chat and get to know other peole.

  5. Hi Room 4, Good work on the paper mache! Ms McNeil thanks for helping us. From Alyx

  6. I was away last time our class did paper mache, so I am really looking forward to doing some amazing work today.