Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Music and Rakau

Room 4 sing in their own class, but sometimes they also go to singing and music with Mrs Sweney in Room 6, the music room. Mrs Sweney is our school's music expert!
Yesterday Room 4 were working hard with Mrs Sweney, and Mrs Nelson snuck in to take these photos.
 Tino pai Room 4.


  1. Wow Room4 you all look like you are having a fun time using Rakau. Mrs Sweney is a good muic teacher. And Mrs Nelson you did a great job sneaking in. It fooled me until the camera flashed! I know I had a good time.

  2. Hi Room 4, you are doing with the Rakau From Alyx

  3. Hi room 4 great moves with the rakau.

  4. It was fun using the rakau in music with Mrs Sweney.