Thursday, 9 June 2011

Our Hallway

This is the hallway outside Room 4. We display a lot of our work for parents and teachers and other students to read and observe. At the moment we have the following things on display:

1. Whale art and whale work, including picket boards about saving whales.
2. Lots of writing from pictures in Memories magazines. These are magazines about N.Z. history.
3. Leaf art, showing symmetry.
4. Lots of writing about pirates. Do you like pirate stories? One of our favourite pirate stories is Finnigan and the Pirates, written by Sherryl Jordan. This book won the Junior Fiction Book Award this year. We agree with the judges choice.
5. Drawings of keas. These are alpine parrots that we think are very special. We are worried that keas are declining in numbers. We sing a song about keas sometimes.
6. Stories about when the N.Z. Ballet toured in 1959. We wrote these stories after the ballet came to Twizel.
7. Poems about a very windy day in Twizel when the leaves were blasting around our courtyard.

Our hallway is a very busy place. We are proud of the work we have done.
We did have pirate maps there too, but they went home last week. Now they are all around everyone's houses.


  1. Hi Room 4,
    I love walking past your room as there is always something cool to read or look at. I think the writing about the old pictures of New Zealand is awesome, some great describing words in there. The pictures are really capture a moment in time. I wonder if children will look at any pictures of us in 100 years time and try to tell our stories!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are welcome Mr Allerston. Thanks for helping us get our Blogspot started.

  3. room 4 I like how hard you are working in the learning diarys, Jaimee

  4. Hi room 4, your hallway is busy. It is nice to see all your beautiful artwork and imaginative stories. Mrs Nelson, on the memories magazine stories I think it was a great idea to put a really good part of the story on a piece of paper so it would grab peoples attention, I know every time I walk past it grabs mine! I think you are a great, hardworking class. You must work everyday to get that much beautiful work up on your display boards. When i'm coming in to school I always see people walking past and looking at your work. You are a great hardworking, fantastic and co-operative learning team.From Maddy

  5. Thanks Maddy - we love having you in our class!
    From everyone else in Room 4

  6. Room 4 I love walking past our hallway when i come to school in the morning. it is copletly covered in our amazing work we have done.
    But we wouldn't have our work up there because of....... MRS NELSON.

  7. Hi,When ever I come into school I look at our work and think how hard room 4 are working.From Estelle.

  8. wow room4. We have come along way in our homework, such as, whale work, memorie magazine stories, pirate work and speeches. We are a great learning team. From Levi